Safety is fragility

There is an obsession in seeking safety. Safety is the easiest way to fragilise yourself. Why?

  1. You don't get the upside - by risk taking there is likelihood that you could get huge upside. Eg. It's possible that a taxi driver could get a trip for say 2000 km, your app that you wrote could go viral making you millions; while in a govt. job there is no chance of big upside.
  2. It makes you weak and complacent. Once you aren't improving yourself everyday you are slowly making yourself less competitive. You don't realise it yet as your value isn't marked to market.
  3. It makes you unable to handle volatility and makes you susceptible to blowups. If by chance you lose the safety, you'll get screwed hard.
  4. You are not getting rid of risks, but hiding them under the carpet.

Safety is like selling options or living like a thanksgiving turkey. It's all good until one day you'll get killed and eaten. You don't realise the risks until it's too late.