Stop consuming. Start producing

Does this image remind you of something? It is the perfect caricature of 20-something millenial. I feel it is the malaise of modernity that is very detrimental for personal growth and for humanity as a whole. Instead of bettering oneself, everyone is drowning themselves in watching TV shows, video games or consuming some new product.

  • Instead of being a foodie, learn how to cook.
  • Instead of playing video games, play real sports/gym and build your body.
  • Instead of shopping(likely on credit card), learn how to build wealth.
  • Instead of watching Netflix, learn a new skill.
  • Instead of complaining and finding excuses, try to find the solution.
  • Instead of drowning yourself in alcohol and cigarettes, go out for a jog.
  • Instead of being impulsive, learn discipline.
  • Instead of obsessing about the next Avengers or Star Wars movie, obsess over personal growth.

Value always moves from consumers to producers. Here's an excellent tweet.

Most of modern humans are some combination of broke, fat/unhealthy, lazy, living on parent's income, depressed and forever stuck in the loop of getting excited over some TV show or some new product. Do you really want live that way?